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Musa 'Basjoo'

Review Notes: Root hardy, but although being on the south coast of england, we do get some cold nights in winter. For instance minus 10.3c in winter 2008/2009. So the trunks need some protection. We have tried several options, straw can get soggy and makes a terrible mess in the garden, it also attracts rodents. I have made up some wooden frames to which is attached a double layer of plastic bubble insulation. Four of these frames attached to each other at the edges, make up a square or oblong structure. This is fitted with a roof made up as another frame. We normally have thin wires run from the top to secure points in the garden to stop the whole lot from blowing away.
Inside we wrap the trunks with fleece, and on cold nights we have one or two 100 watt lamps at the bottom to supply a little heat. The frames can be taken apart come the spring and stored away flat.

Plant Type:- Tender

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Lyn and Malcolms Garden in Ferndown Dorset

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Photographer:- Malcolm Ovens
Malcolm Ovens, Lyn and Malcolms Garden,



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