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Bougainvillea 'Pink'

Review Notes: We have the Bougainvillea in our conservatory.
The first one we bought back from Spain on the plane. We cut two large "Coke" bottles in half, took the plant out of its pot, and fitted it into one half of the bottle. We then cut the plant down so with the two halves of the bottles joined in the middle with tape, the plant was protected. It traveled home in our luggage.

We find them easy plants to keep, pruned down in early Spring to about chest high, and fed with a high potash feed, they soon come into flower. During the winter we keep them at about 10 centigrade, and water when they begin to droop. At a temperature less than about 7 centigrade, they will drop their leaves. It wont kill them, leaves will grow back, but will flower later.

Plant Type:- Tender

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Lyn and Malcolms Garden in Ferndown Dorset

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Photographer:- Malcolm Ovens
Malcolm Ovens, Lyn and Malcolms Garden,



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